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Common Window Treatment Questions and Answers

Window treatments in your home or your business can say a lot about you and your style. At B&B Window Coverings, we have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses in the Los Angeles area find the right solution for their home. Whether it be blinds, shutters, roman shades, or other, we can help.

Inspiring Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home in 2019

We’re well into 2019 with summer in full swing and we’re starting to see a surge in trends in home decor trends!

When Should I Replace my Window Treatments?

At B&B Window Coverings, located in Los Angeles, a lot of our customers call and come in asking us when is the right time to replace their window treatments.

Cordless Shades Child Window Treatment

Tips to Childproof Your Home With Window Coverings

We’re often asked by customers how best to childproof a home when it comes to window coverings. The simple answer comes down to cordless window treatments. Cordless coverings make it so that a child can never be mistakingly wrapped around the cord. According to statistics, 24% of Americans are unaware of interior blind cords as

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Top Home Decor Trends for 2020

A new year brings new trends and in interior design styles are always changing! When it comes to putting the finishing touches on you home, window treatments can really make the difference in any room in your home and can be a considerable investment to last for years. We’ve put together a guide to help

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4 Common Mistakes When Buying Custom Window Coverings

Buying window coverings is easy, right? All you need to do is choose the ones that you like best, right? Actually, there are some things to watch out for when buying window treatments. Buying Cheap Window Coverings It can be very temping to opt for window treatments and coverings that are the least expensive. Budget

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Window Treatment Gallery – Most Beautiful Window Treatments

The right window treatments can make the world of difference in your home! View our gallery of incredible window treatments to get ideas: Ready To Get Started? Contact B&B Window Coverings and let our team find the right window treatments that which dramatically improve your rooms! Contact Us, or call (310) 376-3555

Window Shades – Which Type Is Right For You?

There are many window shades in the window coverings market today which can make it confusing to choose which one is right for you. We’ve put together a handy guide of all the styles, and their benefits. Read on! Cellular Shades Best for insulation of heat and cold, celluar shades come in many colors, textures

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Top Reasons To Keep Sunlight Exposure Under Control

The sun is an essential part of life. It feels great to soak in the sun, and while it has many benefits such as providing an important source of Vitamin D, as well as being a mood booster, excessive exposure can be very harmful.¬† So, it’s important to control and keep some of the sunlight

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