At B&B Window Coverings, located in Los Angeles, a lot of our customers call and come in asking us when is the right time to replace their window treatments. The answer to this question largely depends on a few things, including the age of your window treatments (blinds, shades, etc), whether you can’t remember the last time you updated them and more. If you can’t remember, or it has been longer than 5 years, it is probably time to call B&B Window Coverings to help choose the right ones for your home for both form and function. As time goes on, functions change, and improvements are made, such as motorization, which can be compelling for some homeowners.

Whether you’re concerned about the functionality of your blinds or the energy efficiency of your shutters, there are a few ways to tell when it’s time to update your window treatments.

Warps or Bent Slats on Your Window Treatments

Although homeowners throughout Los Angeles and California love a modern look and the feel of wood blinds and faux wood blinds, these particular window coverings have been known to warp over time. This often is caused by heat damage from the sun.

Your Blinds or Slats Are Yellow or Discolored

It’s very normal for your blinds to experience some fading from the sun as time goes on. If you purchased wood blinds or vertical blinds for your home years ago, it may be time to update your window treatments to a new, more efficient model. Many blinds which exist on the market today have great UV protection from the sun to help protect you and your home from the rays of the sun. If you’ve noticed your blinds are starting to turn yellowish, it may be time to contact a window coverings company to replace your current window treatments.

Struggling to Raise Your Blinds

Are you having a hard time raising and lowering your blinds? If it seems like it’s taking more effort to raise and lower your blinds, it’s probably time to upgrade your blinds to a new model. Often times, as time goes on, the mechanisms that help lift your blinds can get damaged. This has a negative impact on the functionality of your window treatments.  At B&B Window Coverings in Los Angeles, we take pride in offering window treatment repairs, and our professional window covering team has the tools and experience to install all types of shutters, blinds, drapes and shades.

Your Blinds Do Not Close Correctly

Do you find yourself constantly having to tilt and twist your blind wand? Then there may be something wrong with your window coverings. We can help at B&B Window Coverings to fix any damage.

Next Steps – Contact Us!

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