Cordless shades provide many benefits and are a popular window covering for the purposes of child safety and more.

What are Cordless Shades?

Cordless shades offer a convenient and safe option for children. Instead of a traditional lift cord, cordless shades are operated with a gentle push or pull on the bottom rail to position the shade at any height. There are no dangling cords, making shades safer for children and pets. In addition, cordless shades offer a clean and uncluttered look for your home, making it a great option for those looking for window treatments in their home.

The Many Benefits of Cordless Shades

We’ve come along way from the days where customers had just a few options for window treatments. The cordless shade has become a popular option for several reasons, including safety, neatness and more.


The priority of every parent is to ensure the safety of their child. With cordless shades, homeowners can achieve this, as they can be sure the cord can never end up getting tangled around your child. In fact, the U.S. Product Safety Commission has actually recommended cordless or motorized shades.

Easy To Use

Cordless window treatments are also extremely easy to use operate. Simply lift them up and down to raise or lower. Gone are the days when your cords get tangled!

Appearance: A More Streamlined & Modern Look

Cordless lift eliminates cords and allows customers to raise and lower shades with an extremely smooth operation of a continuous cord loop. The aesthetic appeal alone is one of the many reasons why homeowners opt for cordless shades. Cordless window coverings give your windows a more streamlined, modern look which will undoubtedly compliment any interior of your home. You’ll have no more cords to try and hide constantly when guests come over. And, you can avoid cords that your dog or cat plays with and ultimately ruins your window treatments.


With cordless shades you won’t have to stand on a stool or chair to reach the cord in order to open or close your shades. Instead, simply pull up, or down, to raise and lower them!

Ready To Get Started With Cordless Shades? B&B Window Coverings Can Help!

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