We’re well into 2019 with summer in full swing and we’re starting to see a surge in trends in home decor trends!

Each year there are new ideas that take shape and become popular. This year, when it comes to window treatments, textured curtains and drapes, a unique approach to classic wood blinds and more are keeping homeowners busy keeping their abode beautiful!

We’ve put together a list of what we’ve seen as popular trends for window treatments this year:

Add Vintage Charm with Textured Curtains & Drapes

When you have crisp curtains and drapery, it looks elegant. Plain and simple. The polished look can only take you so far though. This year, textured curtains have gone a step further to add some vintage charm which is tough to replicate. These light, and airy fabrics add softness to any room and the sheerness lets in plenty of light while controlling privacy.

B&B Window Coverings offers window coverings with a wide range of prints, textures and colors to choose from.

Classic Wood Blinds

Natural wood tones are also a big trend this year. Wood window blinds have a classic style to them. If you hang them from the floor to the ceiling, they add an extra layer of character to any space as well. At B&B Window Coverings, we offer a great selection of custom wood window blinds to match every home. Choose from paints and stains of all kinds in a variety of colors.

Sheer Blinds and Shades

Sheer shades

Do you want to add some softening to your room’s lighting? Then sheer blinds and shades are perfect for you and a popular trend this year. They have privacy to them with a touch of opacity, and help make a room look beautiful in the way they let light come in.

Combining Window Treatments For Texture

When you combine different window treatments, it helps create layers of texture that can add value to any interior of your home. If your room is modern, layered curtains and window shades can help add to the room’s appeal.

Add Patterned Curtains To Industrial Spaces

Industrial interior design has become incredibly popular as of late. But, a common mistake is having window treatments that make the room look dark. A great solution to any industrial space is to find patterned curtains or drapes which can add some brightness without taking away from the details of the room.