Buying window coverings is easy, right? All you need to do is choose the ones that you like best, right? Actually, there are some things to watch out for when buying window treatments.

Buying Cheap Window Coverings

It can be very temping to opt for window treatments and coverings that are the least expensive. Budget is an option for everyone. But, it’s important to know that these are investments and thinking of your window coverings as long term investments is the right way to think about these home improvement items. Window treatments do a lot for the overall look of your home. This is one area where choosing cheap window coverings could leave you unhappy with the results. So, make sure the window treatments you choose are durable, easy to clean and made to withstand heat, sunlight and everyday wear. At B&B Window Coverings, we sell Hunter Douglas window treatments, so you can feel confident that our window treatments are made with the best materials. Hunter Douglas has years of innovative designs and details that make their products work well and look amazing.

Be sure to check the warranty policy on your blinds, shutter, or shades, and avoid comparing apples to oranges when looking at the prices as Roman Shades will be much different than Natural Wood Blinds in material and functionality.

Make Sure To Measure Right!

This is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. Your window treatments must fit properly to look their best and if you don’t it can ruin your look by getting the wrong size. Window treatments should not only fit physically right but they should also fit proportionately and be the right scale to match your room and the furnishings in your home. You won’t like the end results if the measurements are off!

The correct way to measure your windows depends on the covering you choose. Call B&B Window Coverings today at (310) 376-3555 or contact us and we can help you.

Consider Function

There are many considerations when buying window treatments: horizontal or Vertical Louvers? Blinds or Shutters? Patterned or Plain? It’s easy to get caught in the look and forget about functionality. Pay attention to window treatments that have cords if you want cordless for your children’s room for example. Other things to think about include the direction in which the window faces, how high up the window reaches, cleaning requirements for each type of window treatment, and more.

Windows that face west will likely face stronger sunrays, which means you can choose for a more robust covering. For the bedroom, depending on what you like, consider choosing between blackout shades or sheer drapes that allow the morning light to wake you up naturally. Windows that are high up or tall should be easy to control from below, whether with a cord or a motorized system. Those concerned about dirty paws from your pup and fingers on blinds may want to choose wood or faux wood blinds and shutters that are easy to wipe down and don’t bend easily.

Trying to Self Install

So, you’ve spent a lot of time finding the right window covering. Now it’s time to install them. You think you have the measurements correct and once they arrive you attempt to install. When you pay good money for window treatments, dont attempt to install them yourself. Professional installation is the key to ensure your blinds or shades function correctly and look great.

B&B Window Coverings offer many services including installation after you’ve purchased window coverings products.

If you are interested in contacting us about our products and services, we have many convenient ways to get in touch with us at (310) 376-3555 or email us.