Roman shades are a terrific and beautiful choice for your home. Choose from a wide variety of patterns, choose to completely blackout your room or transparent fabrics, and also select from a variety of customizable sizes. What’s not to like? The only possible challenge with Roman Shades is cleaning them. But, with a good routine, this doesn’t have to be difficult! Any window treatment requires some necessary cleaning throughout the year in addition to a more robust clean at least once a year.

Read our advice for best practices in cleaning your Roman shades:

Maintaining The Cleanliness


The first step is to extend your shades. Second, using the upholstery brush attachment, vacuum your shades very gently. This will successfully remove and dirt and dust that has accumulated. The worst accumulation of dust and dirt is usually right along the folds or creases of your shades, so pay careful attention to these areas.

Dust Removal

If you have delicate shades, opt to use a cloth or a duster instead of a vacuum. Depending on your material, you may want to pay special attention and be careful. A lint roller is also a terrific option for removing dust.

Extra Cleaning Needed

When your Roman shades need extra cleaning, it should become quite obvious, such as a stain or a spill.  For these, you’ll want to use spot cleaning:

Spills & Stains

If you spill or find a stain, quickly apply club soda to the affected area. This can be highly effective in cleaning. Use a mixture of equal parts water, and white vinegar on stains and spills as well. Dab at the shades with a cloth and then use a small amount of water with detergent rinsed with plain water.

Once A Year

Each year you should be aware that your Roman Shades will need more of a cleaning. The type of cleaning will depend on the materials of your shades, and how difficult it is to take them and put them together.

Professional Washing & Cleaning

Many homeowners like fabrics on their Roman Shades with cotton and polyblends. B&B Window Coverings can come to your home and do all the cleaning necessary. So, there is no need to remove the shade in order to clean it!