There are many window shades in the window coverings market today which can make it confusing to choose which one is right for you. We’ve put together a handy guide of all the styles, and their benefits. Read on!

Cellular Shades

Best for insulation of heat and cold, celluar shades come in many colors, textures and opacities. Cellular Shades block or filter light and help save energy as well. Cell sizes vary and the shapes hold trapped air and create an excellent barrier between window surfaces and a room.

Woven Wood Shades

Do you want to add a natural charm to your room? Woven shades are excellent for doing this! Made from reeds and bamboo like textures, these shades give your room added design.

Roman Shades

Add a luxurious look to your room with the ever popular Roman Shades! They add a drapery like softness to any room, with a great focus on color, fabric and patterns.

Roller Shades

Roller shades  add style & functionality to your windows and radiate sophistication with their clean lines and a simple look. Roller Shades are very popular for managing light in baby nurseries, bedrooms and media rooms, and other rooms. B&B Window Coverings offer Roller Shades with hundreds of fabric and texture material choices. Choose from customized prints, sleek or modern naturals, blackout shades, light filtering shades and more to coordinate with your decor. Roller shades are also a great option with motorization.

Cordless Shades

Get an incredibly modern, streamlined look with cordless shades. No strings or cords – just a simple pull is all it takes to adjust the shade’s height. Cordless Shades come with a variety of options, including UV protection. They offer a clean, uncluttered look and help to make the sun more manageable. Cordless Flat Roman Shades are available, which are a popular style with cordless functionality. Skip the strings or chains. A permanent bottom fold guarantees a neat look when they are raised.

Motorized Shades

Live the smart and connected life! Known for their technology and style, motorized shades offer a convenient option for ultimate relaxation. Using a remote control, you can operate your motorized shades with just the touch of a button.

Which Shade Is Right For You?

With many options, and desires, we can help you find the right shade that works for you. Looking for ones that block out the light and you can control remotely? Motorized may be right for you! Call us at (310) 376-3555 or contact us.