There are so many varieties of window treatments that it can seem endless. When there are two products that look the same, it’s common that they can be very different too, just adding to the confusion when wanting to select shades.  If you’re looking for the difference between roller and solar shades, you’ve come to the right place. Read on below for a complete explanation!

Roller Shades

Roller shades by definition are simple window coverings. Instead of having veins or slats like blinds, a solid sheet of material covers the window and is then brought down with a roller function. Think of these as a paper towel roll – when you pull it down, the tube in the middle turns and the material gets longer in length. Then, when you pull in the opposite direction, there is less material. This is the same concept as roller shades.

They are uncomplicated in nature and also very budget friendly making them popular. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to picking fabrics and materials too. Our roller shades are available in many varieties including vinyl and fabric materials. Materials used for roller shades is solid and can’t be seen through too.

Solar Shades

There are some similarities with roller shades when it comes to solar shades. Both are fairly simple window coverings. And, they don’t have slats or veins when pulled down. But, solar shades can be more expensive than roller shades. This is not due to any extra materials, but because of the material used for the shade. Solar shades are made from screen like material which makes up the base of the shade. The weave is one large distinction that makes these different than roller shades.

With the ultimate goal of blocking out UV rays, solar shades allow you to regulate temperatures in your home. In fact they are sold based on the number of UV Rays they allow into your home.

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