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Should I Pick Horizontal or Vertical Blinds?

Horizontal or vertical? When you’re decorating your room with new blinds, it can be challenging to decide between horizontal and vertical blinds. Each of the options have different advantages, so to help, B&B has put together a guide to keep in mind when making your decision. One of the biggest things to consider when making

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What’s Better For My Home? Blinds or Shades?

When it comes to deciding between blinds or shades, it’s really a matter of preference, however we’ve put together the benefits of each type! Blinds Affordable – some blinds, including faux wood blinds can often be cheaper than custom-made drapes. Styles – Blinds┬ácome in many different styles and are available in many shades, colors, tints,

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What are the right type of blinds for my living room?

Blinds and shades are a different to standard window treatments, like curtains and drapes. Installing blinds and shades is an easy way to control the amount of light and privacy a room receives. For starters, determine in what space you want to hang a blind or shade. To help you choose between the two styles, here are the primary differences:

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